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Monday, April 14, 2014

Liberalism vs individualism

Yes, that is what I said, liberalism VS individualism because I have finally figured it out - liberals are against individualism.

Individualism, taking care of yourself, your family, and doing your job the best that you can (which liberals see as selfishness) actually produces wealth.  And not just for the wealthy, in the capitalistic system of the harder you work, the more money you make, the poor have more, too.  Our individualistic, capitalistic society has created more collective wealth than the world has ever known.

Individualism also produces innovation.  Because we are free, and the harder that we work, they more we get ahead, our technological advancements have improved the world immeasurably.

Individualism isn't selfishness, it is exactly the opposite.  Our society has produced so much wealth and innovation that we are also the most generous country EVER.

So, let's take a look at the opposite - liberalism.  The liberal ideology says that everyone is the same, everyone should get the same thing and that no matter how hard you work, you should get the exact same pay as your neighbor.

Sounds great, right?  And super fair.

But, what happens in practice (instead of just theory, Harvard is still there, you guys can go right back to smoking dope and making fun of me, won't bother me at all) is that when no one can advance, no one works hard anymore.


There is no motivation to work hard.  So, the wealth goes away - yes, the rich get poorer, but the poor get poorer, too.  There is no more innovation.  Who would take their life savings to invent something, make a prototype and take it to market if every cent that they make is going to go to taxes so that everyone can have "income equality?"

No one, that is who.  And, before you say that I am crazy - socialist Europe already has marginal tax rates of 61 percent.  Can you imagine the government taking 61 cents of every dollar that you make?  Well, it is on its way.

How could democrats get away with kicking over 6 million people off their insurance with Obamacare?  Then, they spent a billion dollars on a website that didn't work, got bailed out by some executive from Microsoft (quietly) and they actually attack cancer patients who can't get their treatments anymore?


They don't care about the individual.  They care about the collective.  The IDEA of universal healthcare is so important, it is more important that all of the individuals who have been hurt by it.

Go on, test it out.  Take every single liberal argument that you hear from now on and place it under the ultimate litmus test - does it support individualism or "collectivism?"  No matter how poorly it works and no matter how many people are hurt, liberals will (inexplicably) follow ideas that contribute to the "greater good."

If some individuals get hurt along the way, oh, well, not their problem.