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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vote for a tax levy to help your city!

I have seen a sign like that all over my fair city and it is driving me nuts.  So, you can imagine my delight when I got a glossy, full-color ad in my mail box declaring:

Vote FOR issue #___ keep our city strong!

We have been together a while now.  Can you see some of the things about this ad that make me crazy?

First, "issue" really means "tax increase."  But, they don't call it that because tax increases hurt everyone.  Tax increases don't work because rich people move or take their money elsewhere to avoid the taxes and poor people can't afford to pay the taxes.

In my city, we pay the highest sales tax rate in the state.  We should be flush with cash, right?  We are loaded and are just chock full of wonderful services and people are flocking here because of our wonderful, high tax rate.  Right?


People can't get out of here fast enough.  People do everything that they can to leave, get out, not be here or avoid paying our high taxes in anyway that they can.

Second, this "issue" which is a "tax increase" is going to keep our city strong, right?  The pamphlet even has pictures of hard working people on there to show this strength.

Those people are the ones who will be hurt by to tax, they are the ones who have to pay it.

People don't flock TO places with high taxes.  They run AWAY from places with high taxes.  So, those people on the flyer are the ones who will bear the burden of this higher taxation.

Increasing a tax rate doesn't automatically mean a corresponding increase in revenue.  The only way to seriously increase tax revenue is by reducing tax rates.  Liberals can't understand that.

When taxes are low, they aren't a burden and a prohibition to doing business.  People do more business.  They make money and they easily can remit the low taxes.  Government revenue soars because of the high volume of work, business and payers.

Does that make sense?  This is exactly what happened when Reagan came into office in 1981.  He slashed tax rates everywhere.  Government revenue soared.

Finally, here is the worst part, this really makes me crazy.  The glossy flyer explained that this tax levy for our strong city is to pump more money into our sports complexes.

I love sports, it's not that.  But, why do taxpayers have to subsidize an industry that is so flush with cash that its owners and players are paid millions of dollars a year?  So, a construction worker, a bartender, a teacher, who all make a pittance comparatively have to pay more of their hard earned money in taxes to support a multi-billion dollar industry.


Maybe NBC could chip in a few cents.  Why do ordinary people who are barely making it have to pay taxes to subsidize the sports industry?

Don't be fooled.  Tell your friends and neighbors to vote NO on ANY issue that is on any ballot anywhere in the country this election season.  Why?  Those higher taxes hurt everyone.