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Monday, April 14, 2014

Government investment

It's primary election season.  Did you know?  That is why signs are cropping up everywhere.  Remember to get out there and vote in the Republican primary.

So, each day my mailbox is filled to overflowing with glossy, full page ads from government agencies demanding that I vote yes on every issue known to man.  Because, you know, they don't have enough money.  And, taxpayers are, like, totally rolling in dough, right?


One of the oft-repeated phrases on these ads (did I mention that they are glossy and full-page size?) is "government investment."  Now, there is an oxymoron.  The government can't "invest" in anything.  The government doesn't have any money other than what we give it.  The government can take money from some people can give it to other people.

That is called "re-distribution of wealth."  And, that is exactly what the government does, re-distribute wealth.  It takes from whomever it deems as having too much and gives to whomever it deems worthy of receiving more.

Now, private companies can make investments.  See, private companies make money.  If they have anything left after paying their taxes, they can invest in stuff.

Ok, let me give you a perfect example of this whole thing.  Did I ever tell you about my local zoo?  My kids love the zoo, we are members, we go all the time.  And, due to numerous tax levies, we pay an obscene amount of taxes to our zoo each month.

Every time that the tax levy is renewed or increased, the zoo workers whine and complain that they don't have any money and all of the elephants are going to die.

Is that really true?

Here is how I look at this.  Instead of demanding money from taxpayers year after year, the zoo could solicit funds from PRIVATE COMPANIES.  If those tax levies go away, the lions won't die.  The fundraising department will get to work and make up the money in donations from people who are looking for a tax break, who actually DO have extra money to throw around.

Do you see what I am saying?

Don't be fooled by government investment.  There is no such thing.  Look at how well the government handles things.  Hum, let's see, like, Obamacare.