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Monday, December 1, 2014

"Broken" immigration system

Oops, he did it again.  Our imperial president used his executive overreach to illegally allow millions of illegal aliens to stay in our country.

This move will hurt American workers.  Americans will lose jobs to illegal aliens.  This will drive DOWN the minimum wage because a flood of low-wage workers will be available to take those lowest paying positions.

So, why?  Why did Obama do this?  Why did he insist on doing it from the second his party got the spanking of a lifetime on Election Day right up until his over-zealous pen did its magic?

Because, he (and all of his liberal allies) say that the current immigration system is broken.  And (he says) we needed to act immediately.  And (he says) congress wouldn't act.  And, oh yeah the American people are too stupid, so, there is that.

Well, just like our healthcare system, which used to be the finest in the word, didn't need fixing, our immigration system doesn't need fixing either.

Btw, I am none too thrilled with the way that he "fixes" stuff and neither are the American people.

We just need to enforce the laws that are currently on the books.  Obama has opened our borders, invited the world to come in and promised all sorts of free stuff.

Who wouldn't come with that invitation?


Now, he is disarming border agents, he won't let them stop the flood of illegal aliens, he won't let them deport people.  Worst of all, people who re-enter the country after they have been deported multiple times should be charged with a felony and sent to person BASED ON OUR CURRENT LAWS.

Obama won't enforce those laws.  That is the only reason that our immigration system isn't working.  It isn't working, not because it is broken, but because of intentional lawlessness.