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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


It isn't the stupidity of the American people that has gotten us into this mess...

It is the kindness.

No matter what anyone says, we are a Christian nation.  We were founded on the Judeo-Christian ethic and all of our laws are based on Judeo-Christian principles.

It is this religious system that promotes not only loving your neighbor, but also education and hard work.  If you believe that you are a person created in the image of God almighty, that motivates you to do and be your best.

The kindness that is the result of Biblical principles is what makes people stop arguing when you call them "racist."  Christians don't want to offend anyone.  They don't want to be called names.

Liberals can't grasp the goodness of the Bible or of God or the peaceful nature of Christian people.

So, they are outlawing God and the Bible in every possible forum in our country.  Then, we are left with a void. So, evil moves in to fill that empty space.

They misunderstand and don't (or can't) recognize evil.  Then, they have to legislate our freedoms.  Guns and knives aren't inherently bad.  The person who wields the weapon to do bad things, that is where the evil lies - in his or her heart.

We can be kind, but we need to be strong, too.  Don't let the views of the few dictate your own beliefs and ways in which you live your life.

No matter what anyone says, don’t forget the principles that founded this country.  Christian principles have created the greatest nation in history.  People from around the globe have drawn inspiration and guidance from us.

The American people aren't inherently stupid.  Liberals have taken advantage of our kindness.  That is how we have gotten into this whole mess.