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Friday, December 12, 2014

Pull up your pants!

I was walking the dog today and two young men were walking in front of me.  One was wearing super skinny jeans.  His pants had been artfully placed so that they landed immediately below his buttocks.

He was wearing black underpants and his jacket had been carefully arranged so that it fell exactly on top of his bum.

So, as I walked behind him, I could clearly see every inch of his rear-end.

How has this lowest form of fashion managed to persist this long?  I wondered that as I walked, getting a view of the full moon.

We have a black president and a black attorney general.  Have you ever seen one of them wearing their pants that way?  Why hasn't either one of them ever told young black men to pull up their pants?

Why haven't Barack Obama and Eric Holder spread a positive message to black men in this country?  Both men went to school and have achieved the pinnacle of success in their fields.

I disagree with their politics in every possible way.  But, it can't be denied that they have achieved financial and professional success.  So, why are they telling black people that the system is stacked against them?  The system that they fault in every way is the same system that gave them their success.

This country is so colorblind that it elected a black president, twice, and has a black attorney general.

I just don't get it.  Do these men think that other black people don't deserve the same level of success that they have achieved?

Why don't these men tell the rest of the country the truth?  If you work hard, pull up your pants and go to school, you can achieve anything that you want in this country.

Why don't they ever say that?