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Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanks, Ted

I was spackling up my face and forming my hair into a perfect redneck helmet to go downtown and sing to celebrate the birth of our savior when it hit me - hard:

Those stupid Republicans in the house passed a bill that fully funds Obamacare and Obama's lawless amnesty.

Why?  Oh, why did they do that?

As I crimped and sprayed, you know what actually popped into my little head?

"It still has to go to the senate, Ted Cruz will fight it.  He won't let us down."  Sure enough, he is fighting it right now.  (I am writing this on Saturday, you might be reading it a few days later).

As you all know very well, congress holds the power of the purse.  Obama's wildly unpopular and destructive healthcare law and his ruthless and lawless amnesty could all go away.  Congress simply has to pass a budget that doesn't include funding for those things.

Why on earth did they pass a budget that would fund Obamacare and executive amnesty?  Don't they read any of my articles?

I get these glimmers of hope - falling gas prices, Purple Hearts for Fort Hood victims.  Then, I see crap like this and all of my hopes and dreams come crashing down around my cowboy-booted feet.

The American people don't want this.  We sent an overwhelming majority of Republicans to Washington so that stuff like this doesn't happen.  I know that they aren't all there yet.

But, couldn't they have passed (yet another) continuing resolution to fund the "essential" parts of the government for a few months.  Really, other than the military, I struggle to see how essential any parts of the federal government are.

Then, when all of those fresh shiny Republicans show up in January, we could have passed a budget, one without Obamacare and executive amnesty.  It would pass the house and senate and Obama would veto it.

He would then be shutting down the government.  Enough people are paying attention now to understand that these government shutdowns are 100% the fault of our whiny president and his minions.

Couldn't we have done that?

Well, since our spineless house Republicans didn't do it, thanks, Ted.  Thanks for fighting for us.