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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I don't like rare steak, ok?

Maybe it is because I am familiar with field dressing a deer.  But, I don't like raw meat.  I like for it to be fully cooked.

Well, it is proper in fine restaurants to have your steak cooked medium rare to rare.


I am a sophisticated redneck and have learned to like my steak medium well, not well done, like my less knowledgable kin folk.  See how enlightened I am?

But, every single time that I order meat at a restaurant, it comes out on the plate bloody.  See, the chefs think that they know better than me what I need.  They are going to stuff that raw meat down my throat whether I like it or not.

Does this remind you of anyone else you know?  Can you think of anyone else who thinks that you are stupid and don't know what is good for you?  Can you think of someone who thinks that he or she knows better how to take care of you than you do?

Yes!  Progressive liberals feel that way about you, me and all of us!

And, they are going to shove that bloody steak down your throat whether you want it or not because they know better than you.

They are going to:
-raise taxes
-increase government regulation
-kill jobs
-kill the coal industry, the shale industry, prohibit drilling
-spy on you
-take away your religious freedom
-take over your healthcare
and, laugh at you while they are doing it because they honestly think that you are too stupid to know the difference.

Open wide!