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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Leaders Fight Evil

They don't embrace it.

Obama announced recently that he is going to open a "normal" relationship with communist Cuba.

After this latest announcement about his plans to send America down the crapper, I just couldn't take it anymore.  I took the kids and went to see The Hobbit.

In the movie, dwarves and elves are preparing for battle.  Mortal enemies, they line up their troops, preparing to fight to the death.  They both have legitimate gripes.  Their feud goes back generations over money, property, aid (or lack of) in previous battles.

They kinda reminded me of Republicans and Democrats.

Just before the dwarves and elves start to slash each other to bits, a horde of orcs swarms over the mountain, intent on annihilating them all.  If you don't know, orcs are filthy creatures with no clothes, bad dental work and they are, well, evil.

Almost immediately, the dwarves and elves unite to fight against true evil.  They lay their grievances aside.  Although their concerns are very real, they pale in comparison to everyone dying.  There is a time to unite, despite differences, or there won't be anything left to fight for.

Do you see where I am going with this?

We used to unite, as Americans, to fight evil.  Now, to Democrats, the only evil in the world is Republicans!  They ignore terrorists, give comfort to our enemies and join hands with communists.

How did we get here?  We have had two generations of communists infiltrating our schools, re-writing history and indoctrinating our children into the idea that America is the source of all evil.  So, if you are 40 or below, there is a pretty good chance that you went to a public school somewhere along the way.  There is also a really good chance that you have heard that America is bad your entire life.

Obama has slashed our military.  He very much wants to disarm all citizens.  He has opened our borders and now is courting favor with Cuba.

In the film, the dwarf king comes running out of his mountain palace, with his gorgeous hair flying, and LEADS his troops to battle.

That is what a leader does, he leads a united army into battle to defeat evil.

Near the end, when all seems completely lost, the eagles arrive.  The star of the film gasps in amazement, "The eagles are here!"

That is how people have felt the world over during America's brief time on this earth. We are the good guys, when we arrive evil will be defeated.  When we show up, all is not lost.

The eagles are here!

But, no more.  Obama has diminished our foot print on the world.  He has fundamentally transformed America from a world leader to nothing.

I can't stand it.

Because, if we had a real leader he would fight evil, not embrace it.