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Monday, December 1, 2014

Republicans should be bold

Since the Democrats were handed their butts in the mid-term elections, it is now time for Republicans to be bold.

I have to admit, that in an opposite-of-Reagan fashion, our Republican leaders have been sheepish.  Conservatives who clearly outline our conservative philosophy and stick to it are ostracized by moderate conservatives.

That makes me scratch my head.

Conservatives believe in low taxes, limited government regulation and limited intrusion in business and personal lives.  We believe in securing our borders and having a strong military.  With a strong economy, unencumbered from government over-taxation and over-regulation, everyone benefits.  Wages go up, everyone has more and the government even gets more tax money.

Hey, liberals, you like that, don't you?  More income to re-distribute.

With our economy in tact, we can once again be the world leader in everything.  We can have more money for our military and lead the world with peace through strength.

Hold on, I gotta get a tissue.

The American people spoke, they don't want anymore of Obama's radical, tyrannical left-wing socialist, progressive liberal agenda.  We have tried it for 6 years and it has made everything worse, literally.

Republicans, be bold.  Fight Obama and his progressive liberal friends.  The country is waking up.  There have got to be lots of moderate Democrats who don't actually want to see the country fail in every possible way.  You know, like, now.

Confidently outline our common sense, conservative approach to everything.  (See the past 400 or so posts in the blog.)

It will work because people are listening to us now.

Be bold, Republican leaders.