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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sanctity of Life

The kids were singing with their show choir at a nursing home last night.  When I went inside to pick them up, I noticed a few things immediately.

The place was immaculate, it didn't even have that "hospital-y" smell that nursing homes too often have.  There were the most beautiful Christmas decorations that had been carefully arranged for maximum enjoyment.

While wondering around the front hall, I noticed the mission statement.  The facility believes in the dignity and sanctity of all human life.  When someone becomes ill or is injured, it is their mission to bring the person back to his or her full potential as quickly as possible.

You know what happens when you are old and get sick with government run healthcare, right?

You're toast.

And, that is only the beginning.  Here is a short list of people who, according to liberal progressives, don't deserve dignity and respect:

*Republicans - the evidence is everywhere, the most recent example being a professor from Michigan who published an article about hating Republicans.  The things that "tolerant" liberals say about conservatives is appalling,
*Fetuses - the depth and voracity with which liberals cling to the idea of ripping fetuses to shreds is scary.  If you have survived being a fetus, be glad.  But, wait, there is more...
*People with disabilities - I can only guess it is due to Darwin's "survival of the fittest" but some liberals argue that people with disabilities should be aborted while in utero.  Do you know why that is?
*People over 75 - one of the many authors of Obamacare very clearly stated that he believes no one should live beyond the age of 75.  At that point, there is no reason to live.  So, you survived being a fetus, but, you still may not get to live as long as you want,
*The Little Sisters of the Poor - I was watching my step-brother's favorite movie the other night, Elf.  In it, James Caan's character, Walter Hobbs, is only "naughty" list.  His first naughty deed in the movie is taking books from nuns.  I nearly fell out of my chair.  Obama actually has been fighting with the Little Sisters of the Poor for their right to continue providing care to the dying,
*Christians - the hate-filled tirades that progressives unleash on Christians is alarming,
*Americans - when it gets right down to it, liberals progressives, whose leaders are the founders of the "blame America first and for everything" crowd, just hate America.  They think that we are inherently bad.  They don't understand that this country has offered more prosperity than any other.  Although we have made mistakes, we correct our mistakes.  They don't grasp true evil.

I know that you think I am exaggerating (mom) but frighteningly, not much.

"Tolerant" progressive liberals actually believe that anyone who doesn't believe exactly what they believe, in their narrow worldview, doesn't deserve to live.

How tolerant is that?

They also don't believe in the sanctity and dignity of human life.  If you have survived liberals thus far, you may still credit them for your demise eventually.

Conservatives care about everybody because we believe in the dignity and the sanctity of every human life.