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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The resiliency of the American people

Recently, I heard Obama extol the "resiliency" of the American people.  He was amazed.  He talked about people who were carrying on even though they were facing tough times.  He was flabbergasted that a man who had lost his life savings could continue in the face of a tragedy of that magnitude.  Of course, the man lost his life savings due to Obama's America-destroying policies.

I had to get a tissue because I snorted a little.

See, Obama actually thought that he could kill the American spirit.  Kinda like the Grinch in Who-vile, he thought that taking our stuff would be the end of us.

Well, just like in the Dr. Seuss classic, it didn't work.

I have noticed this resiliency lately, have you?

Gas prices are falling - despite the president's best efforts to destroy the energy industry.  Oil production is up - on private lands.  Those resilient Americans are producing oil, even though the president is doing everything that he can to stop them.

If this continues, food prices will go down, eventually.  Americans might just be able to start going back out to all of those restaurants that were able to stay in business, despite all of the regulations and taxes imposed on them by the Obama administration.


Here is another one - congress is finally calling the Fort Hood massacre, which happened in 2009, what is really was - a terrorist attack.  You may have heard over the past 5 years that our stompy-foot president has insisted on calling this terrorist attack (in which Major Nidal Hasan shouted Allah Akbar while slaughtering 13 people) "workplace violence."

Although this is a complete disgrace, I didn't really understand until recently that this designation made it so that the victims couldn't receive benefits.  Now, congress is re-naming this act of terrorism so that the victims and their families can receive the Purple Heart designation and all of the benefits that accompany that award.

I hope that we continue to see the resiliency of the American people as we, hopefully, start to recover from the atrocities of this disastrous president.

Just like the Whos on Christmas Day, we will go right on singing.