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Friday, October 31, 2014

American Girl Follow-up

I just got off the phone with an executive from American Girl.  My daughter's letter will be read to the president of the company sometime in the next few weeks.  I appreciate that.

The executive was very kind and she listened patiently to me.  I appreciate that, too.

Her point of view was one of tolerance and inclusivity.

You and I have been worried about the effects of this "tolerance and inclusivity" for decades.  But, I never would have guessed that our tolerance for the Muslim religion would result in radical terrorists all over the world.  I never would have imagined that being inclusive to people from other countries would result in 4 cases of Ebola on American soil.

Our worst fears AND WORSE have been realized due to our political correctness.

I understand that the American Girl catalog does not fit in to the world narrative of war and pestilence.

However, while she was talking, I realized that she had received many phone calls and emails from people who wanted "Christmas" to be taken out of the catalog.

And, it was.

And, my precious American Girl cried because she was, inexplicably, excluded in the process of tolerance and inclusivity.

I realized that some of the blame for this predicament may fall right at our Christian, kitten-heeled feet.

How many times have you LOVINGLY complained that Christmas wasn't mentioned at a store?  How many letters have you written?  How many calls have you made?

Maybe if American Girl, and society at large, heard our gentle reproach (nobody likes a militant Christian, not even me) about tolerantly excluding 90% of the population that celebrates Christmas, there would be a change.

Here is our call to action.  Please write a letter to American Girl in Midddleton, Wisconsin.  Write it to the attention of: Corporate Service Communications.  You can also email American Girl or call the corporate office.

Let this be the first step in taking back Christmas.  Let your loving voices be heard.