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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Climate change buffoonery

Climate change buffoonery 

While John Kerry declared that climate change was the greatest threat to the world this century, ISIS fighters were sharpening their knives.

Since ISIS terrorists have beheaded 3 people, that we know about, I don't believe that one person has died from climate change.


An inconvenient truth is that the global temperature hasn't risen in 18 years.  Follow me, here, a 1 degree increase in temperature in 100 years is enough to cause global chaos.  But no change in temperature for 18 years is completely meaningless.  It is so hard to keep up with the liberal mindset.

Ok, I am a redneck.  Just want you to understand my point of view.  I am from farther out in the country than most people have ever been.  We were naturally harvesting squirrel, quail, frogs, crawfish, turtles and deer long before anyone ever heard of the Robertsons.  Love you guys!  And btw, my dad had that beard before Willie was even a twinkle in his daddy's eye.

My point is, I love the environment because I have lived in the environment.  I cherish it because I understand it.  Animals are delicious and when Armageddon hits, you want someone on your team who can field dress a deer.


But, while everyone in America and the UK saves water, recycles, and uses electric cars, China is polluting the planet OVERTIME.  They pollute more than the US and UK combined.  Guess what?  They don't care.  And, when Obama asked them to stop, their response was:

Um, no.

While we continue to punish Americans (like me) with higher prices on gas, natural gas and electricity, our enemies laugh.  The punishment to the American middle class is not helping the planet in any way.

China is drilling, burning, producing and happily heating their homes and making stuff.

And, we are paying $5 for a pound of beef.  Just wait, Obama is trying to kill the fishing industry in Hawaii, his home state.  My daughter even had a lesson in science the other day, "Mom," she shouted, "this lesson is telling me that fishing is bad!"

What could be more natural or Native American-ish than catching a fish, gutting it and eating it?

I am really starting to think that liberal progressives don't want us to progress at all.  Here is a list of some of the things that liberals believe are bad:

-Hunting, fishing, raising farm animals to eat (see how this hurts the meat industry?)
-trucking is bad in all of its forms, how can people get food if we continue to punish the trucking industry with impossible EPA standards?
-drilling for oil is bad, fracking for natural gas is bad, getting and/or burning coal in any way is bad and nuclear power, in all forms, is bad.  Do liberals want us all to freeze to death?  Or do they want prices to heat homes to be so high that only millionaire liberal progressives can heat their mansions?
-getting all of our energy here is bad because, well, according to liberals, it just is.  If we unleashed the power of our energy industry here, we could be energy independent, very quickly.  Meanwhile, going to the Middle East for oil, which really is bad, is somehow ok to liberals.   But, it is only ok when the president is Barack Obama, not George Bush.

Are you keeping up with all of this?

We are destroying our economy, the greatest that the world has ever known, for all of this climate change buffoonery.