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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ok, help me out here

 I am just a simple Republican and I can't keep track of all the liberal flip-flopping.  My belief system doesn't change based in who is currently in the Oval Office.

See, I haven't changed my position on illegal aliens.  I still believe that it is, like, illegal.  But, Harry Reid has.  He was against amnesty for illegal aliens when George W. Bush was in office.  He is all for it now that Obama is in office.

Senator Obama called raising the debt ceiling "unpatriotic" when George W. bush was in office and was against deficit spending.  But, PRESIDENT Obama has no problem recklessly spending us into the ground.

Sheesh, where is that watchdog media when you need them?

I mean, if a Republican changes their favorite postage stamp, they will report on it, call him or her a flip-flopper.  They would start wearing flip-flops to press briefings in 6 inches of snow.

I am just saying, you would know about it.

But liberal flip-flopping is swept under the proverbial rug, which is starting to look a little bit like the Rockies.

Take the election that is coming up in two weeks.  Liberal democrats who are in danger of losing their senate seats can't seem to run far enough or fast enough away from their patron saint, Obama.

Liberal democrats, who have blocked the Keystone pipeline, crushed the coal industry, and are against fracking, are pulling out their guns and Carhartts and, well, acting like Republicans.

You know, Republicans who are for the Keystone pipeline, for coal and for fracking.

The problem is those liberal democrats, who are in danger of never being re-admitted to the congressional lounge, voted FOR Obama's energy and job killing
policies.  In most cases, they voted with Obama 95-97% of the time.

Inexplicably, Obama made sure that voters know who they are voting for in those key senate races.  He said that even though he isn't on the ballot, his policies are.

Sheesh, thanks.

But, that is ok.  This is where liberal lying and that Rocky Mountain carpet come in so handy.  Obama, in an interview with the totally politically neutral Al Sharpton, ace reporter, oh and advisor to the White House, said to democrats desperately clinging to their Capitol Hill lanyards, "You do what you need to do to win. I will be responsible for making sure that our voters turn out."  Because, the record doesn't lie and even Obama has to admit, in the same interview, "The bottom line is, though, these are all folks who vote with me; they have supported my agenda in congress."

If Republicans can't pull this one out, God help us all.