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Sunday, October 12, 2014

By every measure...

By every measure...

...the economy is doing better than it was 6 years ago.


The president, on his most recent fundraising and campaigning tour, has actually been saying this for the past week.

By every economic measure the economy is worse than it was 6 years ago.

I know that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and John Kerry make so much money that they wouldn't notice, but median income has actually dropped from about $55,000 a year to about $50,000 a year during Obama's tenure.  That is a little over $400 a month.  That is, like, a new car payment.  Translation - people who might have bought a new car 6 years ago can't do that anymore.

Add to that an increase of about $200 a month in health insurance premiums due to the "free" Obamacare mandate and you have dealt a devastating blow to the middle class.  That is $200 that people don't have to spend on basic necessities, like food.

It almost makes you want to sign up for food stamps and Obamacare.


Oh and by the way, deductibles are so high, thanks to Obamacare, that people can't use their health insurance even if they need to.

Pile on to all of this the tripling in food prices and doubling in gas prices since Obama took office and you have the destruction of the middle class.

I am not even getting into the tax increases and government regulations that are killing businesses and making jobs scarce.  (Please see my previously published works.)

Obama recently quipped, while out stumping, that nobody complains about Obamacare anymore.  He says the reason for that is it is working.

People aren't complaining about Obamacare anymore because the employer mandate has been delayed until after the midterm elections.  Trust me, when everyone on an employer sponsored health care plans loses their health insurance, you will hear plenty of complaining.

The other reason you don't hear people complaining about Obamacare now is because of the other life-threatening crises that are taking precedence.

Terrorists who are hell bent on killing us and the first reported case of Ebola in the US are taking up more airtime than Obamacare now.

That is why you have me.  Lest you forget:

*Fast and furious - Eric Holder is still in contempt of congress for giving guns to Mexican criminals.  One of those guns was used by a criminal to murder border agent, Brian Terry,
*IRS - this administration has used the most powerful government agency to torture political opponents.  There is no sign that it is stopping and no one has been held accountable for this,
*NSA - unable to identify real enemies (like terrorists) this administration has, instead, focused on the American people.  The NSA has been spying on us in an unprecedented way,
*Obamacare - this disaster was passed in the middle of the night, the president had to lie repeatedly to get it passed.  The greatest healthcare system in the world is being destroyed by Obamacare,
*ISIS - people want to kill us,
*Ebola - we have actually allowed an Ebola patient to enter the US, he has had contact with 100s of people.

Patriots, we have to talk about these things at cocktail parties and clam bakes, the water cooler and Bar Mitzvahs.  We have the power to do something about this.  In November, we have to get out there and vote for conservative candidates.