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Wednesday, October 22, 2014 "save the senate" campaign

A helpful reader just sent me a video from

Thanks, Tom!

The informative, 2-minute video was quite enlightening.  It clearly explained to me what the Republican plan is.

Let me share it with you.  The narrator of the video explained that Republicans don't want an increase to the minimum wage.  Republicans also want to cut long term unemployment benefits and cut spending on infrastructure "allowing our roads and bridges and pipelines to crumble," the video says.

These three points were the basis for "saving the senate" from Republicans.

The problem with these arguments is that they are so entrenched in socialist thinking that it is hard to unravel them and put them in the proper perspective.

But, I will try.

Republicans don't want to increase the minimum wage because we believe in the free market.  The government shouldn't tell businesses what they have to pay people.  When the government intervenes in business in this way, it hurts businesses and jobs.

Of course Republicans don't want to increase LONG TERM unemployment benefits.  If we get government out of business, businesses can go back to work, and there will be jobs for people.  Yes, it really is that simple.

Republicans don't want to let our roads, bridges and pipelines crumble.  We want to cut government waste.  We were driving by a construction site the other day.  One guy was digging in a hole and 7 (yes, seven) guys were standing around watching him.  That, gentle reader, is government waste, the kind that the GOP wants to cut.

Here is another example, a few years ago my street had some repairs.  After the repairs were finished, we got a $250 a year tax increase.  The money that we had already paid for street repairs (from our taxes) should have been sitting in an account somewhere.  But, our all democrat city officials had mismanaged our tax dollars.  We had to pay again and this, my friend, is government waste.

The video goes on to explain the dire consequences of a Republican take-over of the senate.

The narrator explains that Republicans will cut taxes for the rich.  I am so sick of this argument.  When democrats raise taxes, they say they are raising taxes only on the rich.  Yet, they always raise taxes for everyone, who is working.  When Republicans cut taxes, the economy starts moving.  People invest in business, jobs are created.  And, an un intended consequence, government revenue goes up.

One of the final scare tactics on the video - once Republicans are in charge "there won't enough money left for education."  Again, this simple scenario seems real.  What liberals don't understand is the concept of capitalism.  They think that there is one pie and it has to be divided up and if I have a piece, there won't be a piece for you.

That is true, in socialism.  But nothing could be farther from the truth in capitalism.  With the free market, unbridled by government regulation, we make more pies.  Everyone gets a piece of the pie.

I think that Reagan said it best, "Government isn't the solution to our problem, government is the problem."

Be strong, share the wonder of the free market and capitalism with your friends at cocktail parties, around the water cooler and in your sukkah.

Vote Republican, so that we can take back the senate.