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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why I Love DWTS

In case you need a reminder...

DWTS is fun.  We need some fun right now.  The entire world is a mess and it is good to watch something that is light-hearted and just fun.

The contestants on DWTS work their butts off.  They are so competitive and they really want to do well.  It is interesting to see the "stars" try something new, step out of their comfort zone, get a spray tan, cover themselves in rhinestones and then take constructive criticism.

I can think of a few people in Washington who could take a healthy dose of constructive criticism.

DWTS is very tongue-in-cheek.  You can't have a mirror ball-filled, cheese fest and not have a sense of humor about it.  The producers of the show clearly do have a sense of humor which helps to explain the longevity of the show.

Now, about this week's dancing.  Alfonso (and Witney) received perfect scores.  They deserved 4 perfect 10s, for a total score of 40.  I might have woken the cat when I jumped up screaming at his fabulous dance.

But, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Sadie was perfect also, again.  She received a fantastic score, 3 '9' scores and 1 '10' score for a total of 37.

Let me be quick to explain my credentials - I am a fully accredited, couch judge for DWTS.  Here is how that works - the couple dances, my husband asks, "what will the judges say?" I answer and a few moments later the judges say some form of exactly what I just said.

The point is, although I couldn't samba my way out of a paper bag, I have picked up on the lingo, the scoring and how the dances are supposed to look

Sadie has done each dance flawlessly.  Since 10s are being thrown around like Ebola in west Africa, Sadie should be getting more 10s, too.

Why isn't she?

Now I have to tell my daughter that Betsey was voted off the show.  She is going to cry.