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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why do liberal candidates act like Republicans to get elected?

Liberal democrats are dusting off their Carhartts, loading their weapons and proudly shooting like a Robertson for the camera in campaign ads from sea to shining sea.

They want to get re-elected, then go back to Washington and vote for legislation to strip YOU of your 2nd amendment rights.

I talk a lot about what conservatives believe.  Let's review a little bit of what liberal progressives, who currently run the democrat party, believe.  Shall we?

Btw, if you are a liberal and don't believe any of these things, great, welcome aboard.  We will get you a card, mine has a really cool elephant on it.

Liberals really like taxes, the higher the better.  They believe that it is our civic duty to pay taxes and that we should all pay up.  I think that we should get rid of government waste before we fork over another dime.

Liberals like illegal aliens.  They won't even call them illegal or aliens.  They call them immigrants, and they want you to pay benefits to them.  Liberals believe that illegal aliens deserve health care, free education, welfare and food stamps.  Do you think that illegal aliens should get those things?

Liberals think that our cherished right to vote in our democracy is of so little value, that they don't think people should show an ID to vote.  How totally insane is that?

Liberals think that government is good and can solve big problems.  Do you think that the government can solve big problems?  Think of the post office or the DMV.  Do you get friendly, efficient service at a reasonable price?  No, you do everything you can to avoid going to either place, ever.  You know that the service stinks, no one will be nice to you and the prices will be outrageous.

But liberals like government.  And instead of having the government run fewer things liberals actually want the government to run MORE things, like the entire healthcare industry.

How cray-cray is that?

Liberals are inexplicably against energy, in every form.  They don't like: nuclear power, natural gas, fracking, drilling, mining.  They seem to hate coal, they don't like oil or electricity.  They are even outlawing wood-burning stoves.  Do they want us all to freeze to death?  I bet every single one of those energy-hating liberals has: light bulbs, a flushing toilet and a car.

Even if a candidate is covered in Carhartt and is carrying a gun, don't be fooled.  If the candidate has a "D" by his or her name, he or she is for big government, high taxes and less freedom for you.

Push the big "R."

Remember, if you feel strongly enough to shout out that you don't believe any of these things - great, welcome to the Republican Party.  The things listed above are what your party is fighting for, whether you want them to or not.