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Saturday, June 14, 2014


I think it is time that we had a lesson in what makes this country great:


See, capitalism doesn't provide for equal outcomes, it provides equal OPPORTUNITIES.  Your hard work and dedication dictate the outcome.

Socialism, on the other hard, tries to provide equal outcomes, without any regard to hard work and dedication.

The problem is, this completely ignores human nature.

In capitalism - you might start working at a restaurant making a small wage. If you work hard enough, do a good job and save your money, one day you could buy that restaurant.  Isn't that beautiful?

Let's look at the socialist way, which is fully operational in Europe and is making its way here.  In Europe, if you work at a restaurant, you make a living wage.  So, no matter how hard you work, you will get paid the same amount.  There is no incentive to work hard.  If you work hard, you aren't going to be paid anymore, so why work hard?

And, owning the business? Snort.  Who would ever lay down their life savings to open a restaurant when they have to pay all of the government fees, taxes, healthcare and all of those living wages to employees?  There would be no profit in it, and not as many people would open businesses.

We have so many more choices here than in Europe, more products, more restaurants, more of everything.  The free market dictates what succeeds.  If you make a good product and sell it at a good price, you will succeed.  When the government takes over things, that is a monopoly, there is no competition and no incentive to make anything better.

When I was an undergrad, I spent many a night at home studying while my roommates or sorority sisters were out partying.  Why?  I wanted to get a better job.

My first job was at Denny's,  I waited tables during the 6:00 pm to 4:00 am shift. It was hard, a little scary and the pay stunk.

So, I studied hard, got an accounting degree and got a much better job.

What if the person at Denny's makes the same amount as a person who has an accounting degree?  Who would ever stay in and study instead of partying?  No one!  Everyone will go get jobs at places like Denny's and we won't have anymore accountants.

For that matter, who would ever stay in and study advanced chemistry or medicine when a chemist or a doctor makes the same about of money as a cashier?

I love work and am a proud worker.  There is no shame in working hard at a low paying job.  I did it and it inspired me to work harder and do better.

But, in a capitalistic society, having a low paying job doesn't dictate who are you, just where you currently are in your life.  In a socialist society, it is virtually impossible to move up.  Your low paying job is who you are.  The taxes and government regulation make it almost impossible to change your station in life.

Only in a capitalistic society are there equal opportunities for people to work hard and advance themselves.

In a socialist society, there is no incentive to work hard because no matter how hard you work, you will never get ahead.