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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Follow up to big boy pants

I am speechless.  It is rare, but it does happen occasionally.

I am still thrilled about the potential release of Meriam Ibrahim, the innocent Christian woman who is to be spared in the Sudan.

But, obviously, my initial confusion about the release of 5 Guantanomo Bay terrorists has turned into a firestorm across the nation.

People who served with Bergdahl say that he was a deserter.   Berghahl's father began his remarks at the White House by saying, "In the name of Allah the merciful" in Arabic, and, it seems as though in exchange for this possible deserter, we have released the Taliban dream team.

In his defense, Obama goes on and on about never leaving a man behind.  But, can that argument really be used when a man is currently rotting in a Mexican prison?  We are leaving him behind.

And, I am completely sure that we left 4 brave men to die in Benghazi because rescuing them didn't fit in with the political narrative that the Al Qeada was "on the run."

So, the "leaving no one behind" argument as an excuse to release terrorists is a flimsy one at best.  Obama even admits, "Is there the possibility of some of them trying to return to activities that are detrimental to us? Absolutely, that's been true of all the prisoners that were released from Guantanamo. There's a certain recidivism rate that takes place." 

We really don't need that kind of recidivism, do we?  The kind that takes the lives of 3,000 innocent Americans?  Can we really risk that kind of recidivism?  And, why do we want to free any of the known terrorists anyway?

There are a few fringe, hippie, loonies that believe we deserve to be attacked because we are so bad.

(Their main argument is that we are imperialist, but, if you have been paying attention in 4th grade history, you know that couldn't be farther from the truth.)

Other than the few loonies, MOST Americans can agree that we should be able to:
1. Live in peace
2. Heat our homes
3. Expect to be safe from terrorists

But, we can no longer expect any of those things, thanks to the Obama administration.

First, Obama incited race and class warfare.  People who might have been motivated to work harder and get off public assistance have been fed the lie that they deserved public assistance.  It is their due.  So, instead of having to peel off food stamps that are only good for bread, milk and eggs, they get an EBT card.  They can swipe it with pride and no one ever needs to know.  They can get cash and use the money for cigarettes, beer, anything.

While hard working Americans are told that they can't really work hard, businesses have been crushed by over-taxation, over-regulation and the ultimate economy killer, Obamacare.

Now, there isn't enough money for the military because we can't take away those entitlement programs, can we?  So, we slash the military.

Instead of waging a war against our enemies, Obama has waged an all out war on our own energy industry.  He has banned the Keystone pipeline and now is completing his war on coal.  He doesn't have to pay the light bill at the White House.

Inexplicably, we are now negotiating with terrorists and have broadcast to the world that if you nab one American, Obama will release 5 terrorists to get him or her back.

Pray, pray for our country.  Right now.  Be sure that all of your friends and neighbors know what is going on.  The mainstream media literally does no reporting on the scandals (and horrors) of this administration.

Pray and then vote.  Be sure that all of your friends and neighbors vote for every conservative who is running, for anything.

Remember the story of Jonah in the Bible?  God gave Ninevah, that evil city, a chance to repent.  They did repent and God spared Ninevah.  Let's be Ninevah.