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Friday, June 13, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2

We went to see How to Train your Dragon 2 today.

The animation is excellent.  They have aged the characters 5 years, since the last movie.  So, the 15 year old characters from the last movie are now 20.  They animated little stubble on their chins.  Pure genius.

Very quickly the premise of the movie was presented:

Stoic, the leader of the Vikings, knows that an evil killer wants to attack their village.

Hiccup, Stoic's son and future leader of the village, believes that he can REASON WITH THE BAD GUY.  Hiccup insists that, if he could only talk to the crazed, deranged killer, he can change the killer's mind.

Why did my kids look at me that way during that part of the movie?

I almost got up, walked out, got my $25 back and started blogging to my public.

But, then the long-lost mom showed up and so I had to stick it out.

1.  Hiccup meets the bad guy.  The bad guy tries to kill him.  The bad guy starts a war to kill everyone in Hiccup's entire village.
2.  Hiccup lays down his weapon, the bad guy keeps right on trying to kill him.
3.  Hiccup tries to reason with the bad guy and that is when Stoic gets killed by the bad guy while saving his son.

At no point does reason or peace talks have any effect on the bad guy at all.

See?  That is how it works.  Bad guys are bad, no amount of reason, logic, or talking will change that.

So, maybe there is a little bit of hope for Hollywood after all.