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Friday, June 20, 2014

One World, Two Actually

So, I went to the zoo today to pick up my daughter who has spent the week at "zoo camp."  As all of the parents were being herded into the rhino tent for "sharing time" we heard our precious children singing.


"I am a friend of the alligator!"  Wait, if you are friends with an alligator, you will get eaten, that is stupid, I thought.  But, the song wasn't over.

"It is better to be friends with an alligator than to have it as a purse!"  I just dropped $200 bucks for a camp where my child is being indoctrinated into this ludicrous liberal babble?

You can imagine my state of mind when I settled into my rhino table with all of the other parents and noticed that an armed man was guarding the proceedings.  Seriously, he was in full SWAT gear, flak vest, fully armed.

So, we are friends with the alligators but the parents need an armed guard?  What if I had stood up and defended leather?  Well, guess what?  I didn't!  Because while my kid was being brainwashed by PETA, I knew that I could be taken down by special forces.

See how that works?

That is the first world.  Let's take a little trip to the other one, shall we?

Last night, my zoo camp daughter had a concert.  She sings with a show choir that is phenomenal and they travel around.  First, the choir looks exactly like a cross section of the population.  There are blondes, brunettes, red-heads (one of those may not be natural) there are black kids, Asian kids, Jewish kids and Christian kids.

They sang an American spiritual.  I cried while I sang along.  They sang patriotic songs, Broadway show tunes, even some Michael Jackson songs.  By the end, when they sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic, I was clapping like a seal on heroin.

World number 2 was totally different.  In this world, it was ok to be proud to be an American.  Christian ideals were praised.  No one was snarky or nasty.

I don't know how well I am explaining this.  But, I like world #2 a whole lot better.

How about you?