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Sunday, June 22, 2014

To fight or not to fight

As with every other war in the history of this great nation, we have something that is  worth fighting for.  We have a peace-loving, freedom-filled country.  On my street, we have a gay couple, we have single moms, inter-racial couples, Jewish people and Christians.

This could only happen here.  No where else could this or would this possibly happen, ever.  The only thing keeping the Muslim from killing every gay person is the armed Christian standing between them.

When all innocent, freedom-loving citizens are disarmed, who will protect the varying factions from terrorism?

There was a line of thought from about the Second World War until the Korean War that we should have just minded our own business.  Yup.  We could have saved billions of dollars, thousands of lives if we had just let the communists and Nazis kill each other.  Then, we could have gone in at the end and annihilated the winner.

Good idea, right?

And it could be a plausible one.  Or, there is the idea of protecting ourselves and not fighting unless absolutely necessary.  A war weary America (we are always war weary, we go to war begrudgingly, unwillingly and as an absolute last resort, we are so fortunate to have young men and women who are willing to sacrifice everything to preserve the American way of life) defeated communist Russia by Reagan's "peace through strength."  By arming ourselves, walking softly and carrying a big stick, we were able to defeat communism.

This time around, the liberals have had the complete run of the show.  There has been no conservative influence in federal politics for 6 years.  Obama has ensured that by refusing to even acknowledge that Republicans exist.  Talk to them?  Ha!

How is that working out?  We have apologized for our exceptionalism.  We have disarmed.  We have let our enemies know that we don't want to fight, we want only peace.

Has that made the world safer?  Is there more peace?

Or is the world in the biggest mess that it has ever been in?

We had done a good job in Iraq.  After winning wars in Germany, Japan and making a peace accord in Korea, we made PEACE AGREEMENTS.  We left troops there, planned an exit strategy and the enemy agreed to stop fighting.

Pulling out troops without any sort of agreement or plan isn't winning, it isn't even ending a war, it is fleeing from the battlefield.  (See previous post "Show your stripes.")

And, I get it.  I actually have family members, from every generation who have fought in wars.  The thought of losing one of them - the sickness that I feel each time we lose a soldier.  When I see those grieving family members, it is unbearable.

A solder wearing an American flag is a solder who is fighting for freedom anywhere he or she is.  He or she is an honorable, noble warrior and I am proud to belong to the same flag.

But, should we sacrifice these brave men and women?  Or should we wake up and arm ourselves?  How about if we take all those returning soldiers and don't get them jobs as managers and clerks - how about if we employ them right here as SOLDIERS?!?!?

They could help seal up the border.  They could help us arm ourselves.  They could get us all ready.

Now, am I totally missing what is going on?  Or, is that a good idea?  What do you think?