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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Recipe for disaster

1. Punish success, tell the successful that they didn't really become successful on their own.  Belittle work.  Start class warfare, raise taxes, crush businesses with regulation,
2. Add to the cost of doing business a layer of government bureaucracy so huge that it takes up 1/6 of the economy (that is government run healthcare)
3. Take away all work requirements for entitlement programs
Stir, now you have an angry, lazy entitlement society that wants to get something for nothing.  You now have an "I exist and so you owe me something" welfare state.

4.  Slash the military, we can't afford it with all of those food stamps we are giving to to perfectly healthy people!
5.  Crush the energy industry, double the price of gas, triple the cost of food and increase the cost of heating homes.
6.  Open the borders and give free healthcare, education, food stamps and welfare to illegal aliens.
7.  Release radical terrorists who live for one reason - to kill Americans.

Mix thoroughly and put in the oven.

Very soon, you will have a complete disaster.