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Friday, June 27, 2014

Government spending is due to capitalistic greed...


The beauty of living in a liberal area is - you get to hear all sorts of thing that liberals believe.

Here is a good one - a liberal friend said to me one time, "I can't believe Republicans!"  I froze and let him continue, in no way did I want to blow my cover.  He continued, "Why do they say we want socialized healthcare?  France has government healthcare and they aren't socialist."


Here is another one, I asked a liberal how they feel about service at the post office because healthcare will be run as efficiently and effectively as the post office,

The liberal response, "The government doesn't run the post office!"

So, I was talking to a liberal this morning at the pool.  My cover has been blown, she knows that I am a Reagan conservative.  We were talking about possibly losing our local, public pool due to the high costs of operating a pool.

Isn't that sad?  So, we were discussing high government spending and we can see the results of it in our liberal area - higher and higher taxes with fewer and fewer services.

So, she said, that high government spending is the result of greed in our culture.  And, the greed is a direct result of capitalism.

Do you see the flaws in that argument?

Yes, there are greedy people in the world.  I know that.


But, most people who go into a for-profit business are providing a valuable good or service to the population.  They risk everything for the business.  If the business fails, they might lose their house.  If the business succeeds, they will pay lots of taxes, employ lots of people and, hopefully, enjoy the fruits of their labor.

How is that greedy?  How is it greedy to be paid for working hard.  But, somehow the government taking your money to pay obscene salaries to other government employees or to give your money to people who refuse to work - that ISN'T greedy?

Let's recap, liberals are even grasping the concept that our tax and spend government is out of control and needs to stop spending so much.  But, inexplicably a liberal will still blame capitalism for government waste and over spending.


Capitalism creates goods and services.  (Try going to a socialist country and finding the myriad of yummy chip favors that we have here.  Ha!). Capitalism employs people.  That gives people an income that they can use to live and to buy things.

Best of all (to liberals) capitalistic, profitable companies pay taxes, lots of taxes.  Without capitalism THERE WOULDN'T BE A GOVERNMENT.

Who would pay taxes and pay for all of the bloated government programs and salaries if there is no more capitalism?

I have said it before and I will say it again.  We need to slash tax rates.  Our corporate tax rates, which are designed to punish capitalists, are the highest in the world. Those high tax rates encourage businesses to flee with their jobs to other countries.  When tax rates are low, the economy grows, jobs are available and everyone does better.

Even the government.