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Friday, June 20, 2014

The dog ate my homework

Does anyone actually believe that the Lois Lerner emails can't be recovered?  Seriously?

It makes me furious that this snarky administration continues to throw up the most ludicrous lies to explain away scandal after scandal.

They think that we are all stupid.  It doesn't matter what your race is, your religion or your socio-economic level, the Obama administration thinks that you are stupid.  Their agenda, which is to weaken America in every conceivable way is so important that they will lie about anything to accomplish it.

Would Obamacare have passed if we had all known that millions of people were going to be thrown off their plans and that millions more won't ever see their doctor again?

Of course not!

But, socialized healthcare is the linchpin in the socialist society.  So, Obama had to have a government take over of healthcare, at all costs.  The Obama administration had to lie to get it passed.

Lois Lerner was in charge of torturing political opponents of Obama during an election year.  She is in contempt of congress.  She has refused to testify and now her hard drive has been destroyed.  The emails are still on the server.  I know that and I don't know anything about technology.

The snark that the IRS has given to congress about this abuse of power is disgusting.  It is hard to watch.

I can't bear to go over the entire list of scandals, please see the previous 300 posts.  You know what they are.  Each time the Obama administration has given a big old middle finger to you and to me.

What are you going to do about it?