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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Progressive agenda for your pet

Honestly, I just shouldn't leave the house.

I was strolling through the square in my mom's town.  This town is not in the inner city, it is in the suburbs.

There is a classic small town, downtown square, with a big gazebo and everything.  There are lots of little businesses all along the square.  I am a capitalist, I want them to succeed.  We bought some oil from the gourmet oil shop, some cupcakes from the little bakery and a gift from the specialty gift shop.

There was a pet store.  Our beloved dog has been scratching a lot.  She doesn't do it in the winter and she doesn't have fleas.  She seems to get nervous and itchy in the summer due to storms, which totally stress her out and all of the lawn equipment going all day long.

See how succinctly I just described the dog's condition?

Well, at the specialty, over-priced pet store they had doggie stress relief tablets.  There were about $20.  I would have GLADLY forked over 20 bucks, to support her business and to help my precious pet.

But, a personal progressive liberal agenda was, instead, in store for my dog.

Instead of recommending a pet relief product for me, I had one in each hand.  The store owner asked, "What kind of food does she eat?"

That's when I knew that I was in trouble.  I said (stupidly), "Purina."

"Well, most dogs can't handle corn products."

I knew that was coming, I couldn't buy the herbal, organic, natural stress relieving product for my dog.  Nope, I was going to have to completely change my dog's lifestyle to fit her personal narrative.

So, (stupidly) I replied, "She only gets itchy like this in the summer."

I am not really sure exactly what kind of snarky response she unleashed because I put down both $20 bottles of stress relieving doggy potion and walked out the door.

I will be going to Wal-mart where I will pay 1/4 of that for a perfectly fine pill or herbal remedy that will help my dog.

Why did she do it?  Why can't I feed my dog Purina and give her the herbal supplement for the months when she is itchy?  Why do I have to adopt a much more expensive, organic, herbal doggie lifestyle just because she says so?

But, that is how liberal progressives think, isn't it?

If I eat organize, extremely expensive food EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO TOO AND ANYONE WHO DOESN'T IS NOT OK!

It is this way with every liberal point of view.