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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The nanny

I spent the evening at the pool.  My daughter wanted to go swimming with a friend she met at science camp.

Science camp is the most expensive week of my year.  But, my kids love it and I let them each go for one week.  As you might imagine, they meet a lot of kids who attend science camp all summer.

So, I sat at the pool with my child's friend's nanny.  The nanny is a young, struggling, hard working student.  She lives with her girlfriend and we started talking about her life.

The nanny was telling me how hard it is to make ends meet.  She can barely afford food, rent, gas, and insurance.

We didn't talk about health insurance at all.  But, we did talk about the outrageous cost of food and gas.  And, she is barely making it.

I said that it makes me want to pull every drop of gas that we can find out of the ground and light it up.  She agreed.

I asked her how she felt about able-bodied people who pull out an EBT card to pay for steak and those yummy margaritas in cans when she can barely afford to pay for her own food.  (She actually contemplated turkey bacon as a cost savings.)

She said that it makes her angry.

I asked her what we should do about it.

She said that there should be a time limit.  She said that people can have government benefits for 6 months, then they have to be cut off.

I thought that was a good idea and so I decided to share it with you.

Also, I am sharing this with you because young liberals are suffering.  Hard working, college students who nanny to make a living can barely afford to feed themselves.  They need help, they are looking for a solution.


In our conversation we only tackled the idea of how getting our own energy could reduce food and gas costs as a practical solution to her very real, very important needs.

What conversation could you start with a liberal?  How can you show simple solutions to complex problems?  Of course, every one of our solutions is exactly the opposite of liberal principles.  But, young people have lived with liberal policies their entire lives and they see, first hand, the damage that liberal policies have caused in their own lives.

They can't afford food.

This liberal administration that has preached about shared sacrifice while the president parties with Jay-Z in Vegas is making it nearly impossible for young people to buy food.

This socialist government that has preached endlessly about the evils of income inequality is taking away the futures of our young people.

What are you going to do about it?