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Thursday, November 7, 2013

100th post - recap

Wow, this is our 100th post!  I can't believe it.

And, we have had 6 hits.

Just kidding.

We have had thousands of hits (not 10s of thousands).  Not even my mom could open the page 100 times a day.  Thank you to whoever is out there reading.  We have an international audience.  I hope it's not just Ed Snowden, but we have had views in Russia, Korea, China and of course here.

We have brought in over $4 in income :) making this blog beat the national average of $3.  (Keep checking out those ads from our sponsors, try the veal!)

So, we are on our way.

But, what a long, strange few weeks this has been.

As we were mired in scandal after scandal, the Obama administration, with its hand firmly up the shirt of puppet Harry Reid, forced the government to shut down.  Americans across the country were treated like piles of poo while they tried to view their own national monuments.

Just in case any of you forgot for one second how Obama feels about you - to him, you are a pile of poo.

After our fit-throwing president got every single thing that he wanted and our country went right back to spending itself into oblivion, we started to take a look at the Obamacare rollout.

Who could have guessed for one second that this incompetent, arrogant administration couldn't even get a website to work?

So, after all of the government shutdown fiasco, now every single Democratic senator who is up for re-election in 2014 is begging the president to do exactly what reasonable, competent Republicans asked for all along - a one year delay of Obamacare.

Snicker, snicker, guffaw, snort, wheeze.

Ok, I really would laugh except that it isn't funny.

Unapologetic to the end, Obama continues to high step us straight toward his socialist utopia.  Unencumbered by ever having to run again, he is going to climate change us in every possible way.

Will this administration ever:
1. Apologize
2. Undo anything of the damage it has done or
3. Stop?

NO.  Every single member of the administration will keep his or her job and continue doing exactly what Obama set out to do - transform America from a free society to a socialist one.

The only road kill on the way will be you and me.