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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Agility of Local Charities

I was talking to a person, who is one of the nicest people in the world, about her charity work.  She works two jobs and volunteers to help people in her area.

It was so interesting to hear from someone who actually does the work, that local charities are so much more effective than the federal government.

Remember the organization I mentioned previously?  We hand food directly to the people who need it.  Her group does the same thing.  If someone needs help paying a bill, the group will pay the money DIRECTLY to the light company or whatever bill needs to be paid.

At the local level, volunteers know the needy.  One person was applying for emergency food aid.  As he was doing that, another volunteer walked in and said, "Hi!  Didn't you just get some food from over there?"  See, the worker knew the person seeking aid.  He knew that he had just gotten food from several different places.

The point is - it is much harder to perpetuate fraud on the local level because people know people.  They are, literally, "boots on the ground" in this war on poverty.

It isn't like the journalist (who I have seen several times) give interviews and hold up her numerous "Obama phones."  She went to several different welfare offices in the same city and was issued 3 Obama phones.  No one checked that she already had one, no one checked to see if she qualified and no one cared.

The money that the federal government gives away doesn't belong to the federal government.  It belongs to the people.  The government has no incentive to take good care of the people's money.  The government doesn't operate for profit.  If they run out of money, the government doesn't go out of business (unfortunately.)  The government just turns around and demands more money from the people.

Charity, entitlements, hand-outs from the federal government just don't work.  There is so much fraud, there is so much inefficiency.  So little of the resources actually make it to the truly needy.

There is no agility in the federal government.  It is like the Titanic, huge, unmanageable, unable to turn and it is sinking.

For those truly in need, charities on the local lever do a much better job of helping people.