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Saturday, November 23, 2013


I have to mention it, it is all anyone is talking about.  Well, after they finish talking about the complete incompetency of the Obama administration, THEN, they talk about the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

I am not a Kennedy buff, I have never understood why they called it "Camelot."  He was a decent looking guy.  But, didn't he, like, cheat on his wife all the time?  And, I have never understood why the Kennedy's are called "American royalty."  They aren't royal.  They were really rich, but didn't they amass a fortune during prohibition?  And, there were some suspicious deaths and anyhoo...

I digress.

There is one quote that I have heard a couple of times this week - it is a quote where JFK talks about lowering taxes.

I don't care who you are.  That is the current position of the conservative, Republican Party.  Tory, Whig, carpet-bagger, these parties changed over time.

The current position of conservatives is to lower taxes.  JFK, in that quote, wanted to lower taxes.  That's it.  Call him a conservative if you want.  But, he didn't call lower taxes, arrogant, selfish, stupid and racist.  He didn't say that everyone needed to pay their fair share.  He said that lowering taxes, reducing the government burden on citizens, would open up the economy.  And, he was right.  Putting more money in the hands of the people increases the economy.

JFK knew that.  I didn't know that he knew that, but he did.  Today, he would get kicked out of the Democratic Party faster than you can say Kennebunkport.

JFK and then Reagan (who quoted JFK often) ushered in an era of the greatest prosperity the world has ever known.

Obama has almost gotten rid of it with that dang pen of his.  Will someone take that thing away, already?  Maybe he should get out of the office, stretch his legs, play a little golf.