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Thursday, November 14, 2013

About that fix

I just can't stop myself.

For those of you keeping track, at his press conference today, Obama unilaterally delayed the individual mandate of his signature healthcare law, Obamacare.  Well, he thinks that he did.  He can't just change laws in a press conference.

If you remember, the federal government was closed for 17 days in October.  It was closed because Republicans (arsonists, terrorists, evil, stupid) asked for a DELAY OF THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE of Obamacare.

Fit throwing Democrats called Republicans every name in the book.  The president was resolute, he wouldn't budge, he wouldn't delay the individual mandate.

After 6 weeks of the Obamacare debacle, Democrats are now begging the president to do exactly what they refused to let Republicans do.  They are begging the president to do the exact thing that they called, crazy, extremist, evil, stupid, terrorist, arsonist, and on and on.

And, they are changing their tunes now purely for political reasons.  They aren't doing it because of a deep love of the American people.  They are doing it to save their own skins.  It actually breaks my heart that these ruthless politicians only care about their political careers.

They have mocked, belittled and marginalized every single one of the 5 million Americans who HAD insurance and are losing it.  There are people with stage 4 cancer who have been kicked off their insurance because of Obamacare.  The trite response by the president and (some foolish) liberal commentators that "they can find better insurance on" is not only laughable, it is complete folly.  And, it is cruel.

I have heard interviews with people who voted for Obama, who have decided to DIE rather than burden their families with the bills from their illnesses.  What happened to not being kicked off your insurance if you had a pre-existing condition?  What happened to that?

All this time, Republicans were the only people who understood that actual, living, breathing human beings were going to lose their health insurance because of Obamacare.  Republicans knew that people would die because of Obamacare.  Republicans were the only ones who tried to fix it, who worked tirelessly to repeal it, defund it, delay it, anything so that this horrible fraud wouldn't be perpetuated on the American people.

See "the invention of lying."  Democrats used every single one of those tactics against Republicans and it seemed to be working.  I have seen very few liberal commentators who are able to defend this law now.

There is no "fix" for Obamacare.  It needs to be repealed.  We need to go back to the system that we had - the free market.  It wasn't perfect, but what is?  The government wading in to save us didn't work, it will never work.  The government doesn't fix things, it doesn't create things, it destroys things.