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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Liberal lies

Misunderstandings, wardrobe malfunctions, whatever you want to call them.

They are lies.

Perpetuated by liberals.

When a liberal says, "we are going to raise taxes on the rich, only people who make over $250,000 a year will get a tax increase."  I don't believe it.  I know that everyone will get a tax increase.

Why don't democrats know that the whole "raise taxes on the rich" line is a lie?

When Obama said that you could keep your plan, period.  I knew that he was lying.

When he said that you could keep your doctor, period.  I also knew that we was lying.

When he said that premiums would go down for everybody, yup, I knew that he was lying.

(I didn't know that he had documents all over the White House letting everyone know definitely that he was lying.)

But, I knew that each of those promises was false.  So, when each one was proved to be a falsehood. I wasn't surprised.

Many, many millions of people ACTUALLY BELIEVED HIM!  And, now that all of those things have been proven to be not true, period, they are shocked and outraged.


Admit it, you knew that all of those promises weren't true.  You can't keep your plan when the government takes over healthcare.  Once the government is in charge, you get the healthcare plan that they give you.

You can't keep your doctor when the government is in charge, you go to the doctor that the government says you will go to, when they say it.

When, all of a sudden, a perfectly good system that operates in the free market is taken over by the government, costs don't go down.  (Remember all of that setting up an office thing and the cushy chairs, it was in a previous post.)

Well, the government has to spend a whole bunch of money just administering stuff.  For example, the government wasted between $394 and $600 million on a website that doesn't work.  The insurance industry actually doesn't have that kind of overhead to pass on to consumers.

When the inefficient, ineffective, not agile, not business savvy, not free market operating government takes over something, the costs don't go down, they go up.

I know that, you know that.  We didn't believe him for a minute.

But, a whole bunch of people did.  And, you know what?  They are really ticked off.

I guessed that everyone knew that he was lying and assumed that they would benefit somehow from a new government entitlement program.  I am so jaded!  It's this blogging business, it is bringing me down.

I just have to revert right back to my good-hearted liberal theory once again.  Good hearted liberals voted for Obama.  They wanted to help people who didn't have health insurance.  They believed that Obama would help all of those people get insurance.  They never thought for a minute that he was just lying.

Since it has become painfully obvious, even to Bill Maher, that Obama is lying, Obama has blamed every single person on the planet.  That hasn't worked out too well.

Now, he is out spinning the original lie with a new lie.

I am really curious to see if that works any better.

Good hearted liberals, please start voting Republican.  You will have more money to give to people who need it.  I will work right next to you at the soup kitchen, promise.

Let's get a Republican in there, put this whole mess behind us and get our freedom back.