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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ann Coulter

Sometimes, I think that I have never had an original thought.

Other times, Ann Coulter says something that I have been saying for years.  (I am guessing that she didn't hear me say it, ha, ha.)

But, last night I heard her say something that I have been saying for some time.  She says it differently, but here is how I say it,

"OUR GUY IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN THEIR GUY."  What I mean (and I think she means, too) is that we have to stop in-fighting in the Republican Party.

I belong to a Republican group, you would think it was a bunch of liberals the way everyone is trashing different Republicans!

Here is the thing - is the person fiscally conservative?  Does the person want to lower taxes, cut government waste, and/or in any way reduce the size of the government?


I am serious.  If people hadn't been so picky about different things they didn't like about Mitt Romney, we would be all warm and cozy from Keystone Pipeline oil, munching on food that costs 1/3 as much that we got in our cars and bought with gas that costs 1/4 as much as it does now.

We would be planning our Christmas spending, not figuring out how we can pay for the skyrocketing cost of our health insurance.

Seriously, people, we need to band together.  Yes, we are all educated, opinionated, free thinkers.  But, we can still band together and all vote the party line, can't we?


Please remember that.

Liberals had plenty of misgivings about Obama.  I know, they told me.  But, what did they do, they all fell right in line and voted for him anyway.  Through all of the incompetence, lies, scandals, blaming, they have barely wavered.  They stay right in line with the party.

They believe that government control, the welfare state and a weak economy is WORTH IT.  So, they stay in line because they know, by doing so, they are going to get what they want.

A welfare collecting, nanny-state of voters who will keep them in office forever.

Why don't we know that what we are fighting for is worth it?  Why don't we see that 'R' is worth punching?

What we have to fight for REALLY IS worth it.  Freedom, liberty, states' rights, lower taxes, limited government, reduced government waste.  IT IS WORTH IT.  And, we know what all of those things bring, a windfall of prosperity TO EVERYONE!

Of course the media will whine and complain about it, but we won't care!  We will be at Applebee's showing each other our new coats!  We will drive there in our new cars.

Anyway, thank you, Ann, for saying on the national stage what some of us are thinking over here on our little stages.

Keep it up.