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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My day at the polls

It's not who votes that counts, it is who counts the votes.  Joseph Stalin


I mention that again because I can't stress enough that provisional ballots have got to be the only way that people can perpetuate voter fraud.

I need to talk to my guy at the board of elections and I also need to follow up with another person I met who has witnessed fraud.  But, I know you were all waiting on the edge of your seats to hear about my day.

A provisional ballot can be filled out if a person has:
1.  moved, and has not had time to change their address with the board of elections.  I thought that there used to be a time limit, like if you moved and didn't change your address before a certain time, sorry, you can't vote.  But, it's not like that.  If a person moved after the poll books have been printed, their name will be in the poll book at the old location.  They could go to that location, vote and no one would have any idea that they moved after the poll books were printed. 

The person could then go to the "new" polling location (or any polling location for that matter) and vote provisionally.  BUT, the person who takes those ballots out and counts them, should cross check and catch the fact that the person voted twice and the incorrect ballot should be thrown out.

Does that happen?  I don't know.  But, that, right there is the best possible way to vote more than once.  Now, we had 6 provisional ballots, ok?  So, this is not a huge amount of votes.  I hope that a large quantity of provisional ballots sends up a red flag at HQ.  Know what I mean?

2.  forgotten their id, one couple came in, the husband had his license, the wife didn't.  He voted.  She filled out a provisional ballot and voted, too.  It was fine.  Another couple came in, same story.  He had his ID and she didn't.  He voted.  She threw a conniption fit and wouldn't fill out the provisional form for us.  She didn't vote.

But, we scratched our heads about that one all day long.  Why did she freak out?  Why would she want people to come in and vote without IDs?  Or, was she a plant?

We had to write her up - "lady, unhinged, no vote"

3.  absentee voters  It used to be that you had to be out of the country or something to vote absentee.  But, now, anyone can request an absentee ballot.  You can request an absentee ballot and still come into your precinct and vote provisionally.

(Are you starting to see why I am harping on this whole provisional thing?)

Now, the board of elections has marked on the poll books each person who has requested an absentee ballot.  They can't vote regularly.  But, they could have sent in the absentee and still vote provisionally.

Again, I am going to talk to my guy (Phil) and ask him about exactly what happens to those provisional ballots.  I'll let you know.

OK, we had 6 Democrats and 3 Republicans.  I guess that was as balanced as it was going to get.  And, you have to have 2 people from opposing political parties doing everything.  So, guess what that meant?  "Hey, Republican!  Come here!"  No, it was fine.  I didn't mind.

Let me be quick to say that our team of complete strangers worked together beautifully.  In 15 long, hard hours, we didn't have one single snarky, rude, snotty comment.

All day long it was like this, "Can I have that, please?" "Sure." "Thank you." "You're welcome."  We got a little slap happy near the end, but not one cross word passed among us.

Isn't that cool?

So, our little motley crew was stationed in an upscale, affluent area a few miles from my house.  Stately, century homes stand sentinel along tree lined streets.  It is Americana, it is beautiful. 

It is inhabited by old hippies.  (There are a few professionals, but not many.)

In their sandals and gray pony tails, 80% of the people had their democrat voting card in their hands and they all had their flyers out for all of the tax levies.  We had to ask them to put them away.

But, if that was any indication, all of the tax levies are going to pass.  (See previous post, Local Taxes.) Oh, and by the way, I was wrong.  There are 5 tax levies.  One might not make it.  But, the other four should pass with flying colors.  That being said, please click on an ad occasionally.  That is how I make money from the blog so that I can pay my taxes. 

And, I do think that those people truly believe that they are helping people.  They give out of their excess to the "greater good."  They will get out their checkbooks, dole out an extra $200 or $300 a year to the parks, schools, ports and libraries.  And, they will feel good about it.

They don't even comprehend for one second that some people can't afford all of those tax increases and will lose their homes.  They don't believe it.  Isn't it interesting that elite liberals can't even UNDERSTAND the plight of the middle class?  In my work against the levies, I mentioned to a progressive liberal that people could lose their homes if all of the levies pass.  She snorted (it was rather unladylike) and said, "I don't believe that for a second."  So, I looked it up (thanks, Al) called her back and gave her the information so she could see for herself.

So, back at the polls, there wasn't a complete devotion to the principle of two people from opposing political parties at every activity.  I did have to insist that I do one job.  It was ok, but two democrats were going to do it.  And, that's just not right.  Right?

Another thing that was really interesting to me was how many people complained about having to show their IDs.  I couldn't believe it.  The gal I was working with said it was because she was black.  I was like, "No way."  And she was like, "Way."

Seriously, about 7 people REALLY complained about having to show their ID.  One said it was unconstitutional.  One lady I have known for 10 years.  I was truly surprised that she didn't want to show her ID.  I am going to call her and find out why.

OK, I think that is all that I have to report from my day at the polls.  It was certainly an interesting experience.

A democrat and I had to drive all of the ballots to a drop off location.  We arrived at the drop off point and were told not to get out of the car.  The minivan was then surrounded (I swear it was like being attacked by a band of orcs) and within 2 seconds every single box and bag was out of the car.

As we drove back to her car, we talked about what a great group we had, what a good job we did, how well we all worked together, etc, etc, etc,.  I said it was great, yada, yada.

When she got out of the car, she said, "Great, there is a primary in the spring, I'll see you then!"

Wait, what?!?!?