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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

About that website...

Yeah, it isn't going to be working on November 30 after all.  Turns out that 40% of the website hasn't even been built yet.  Kathleen Sebelius admitted yesterday.  Oh, and the administration knew all of this in March, a report from the website's consultants shows.

Are they ever going to see how absolutely foolish they look?  I mean, come on, it isn't a magic date or anything.  You can't just snap your fingers and build a website!

Liberals are in love with an idea.  They are so in love with socially progressive, liberal ideas that even after the ideas have failed, they still cling to them desperately like Kate Winslet holding onto that headboard after the Titanic sank.

After the idea has totally failed in Russia, after the idea has crumbled economies all across Europe and even after the idea has been completely botched here, liberals still hold fast to the idea.

I don't think that even the most kind-hearted, giving American is buying this anymore.

Again, I really want to know what is in it for them.

Why can't the rest of us be free while they sit around in their socialist think tanks and come up with new ways to save us all?

Seriously, why can't the rest of us go back to listening to country music, finding new way to actually produce energy and making stuff while they dream of the liberal utopia?

This capitalist country provides them with the safety to have these dreams.  They don't work.  Let's let the liberals go back to their ivory towers and have the grown-ups come back in to run the government.