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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lessons from the road

I am in sales.  So, I travel and meet new people all the time.

Last year, during the election, there was absolutely no hope for reasonable debate.  One time, an unhinged liberal actually yelled at me, at work, for about 2 hours.  I couldn't get a word in edgewise.

Now, it is very different.  Only a year ago, if you said anything negative about Obama in any way, you would be called - racist, stupid, evil.  It was unbelievable.  There was no discussion, no exchange of ideas.  There was only fear-mongering liberals shouting at reasonable, constitution-loving conservatives.

But, now the conversation has changed, dramatically.  The idiotic, freedom-destroying socialist ideas of the left are starting to hit honest, hard-working Americans in their wallets.  It doesn't matter if you are a good hearted liberal who voted for Obama.  If you had an insurance plan that he didn't like, it is getting cancelled.


If your plan was substandard by the president's standards, you are losing the plan. Period.

And, if your doctor isn't on the Obamacare plan, you are never going to see him or her again.  Period.

So, I met someone who was very worried about how her health insurance would change under Obamacare.  Her agent has already told her that her premiums are going to go though the roof.  But, she didn't know why.  So, I channeled my inner Andrea Tantaros and told her - her policy now covers maternity care whether she wants more children or not.  Her policy now covers pediatric care, no matter of she has children or not.

Using the argument that we all pay property taxes regardless of whether or not we have children in school and we all pay taxes for roads, whether or not we use that particular road, democrats NOW say that Obamacare merely is spreading healthcare costs around to everyone.

Each person I met had one thing to say about that plan - CRAP!  If Obamacare had been sold that way to the American people - as a new tax that would spread the cost of healthcare around so that we all share the burden, it never would have passed.

Of course, you and I knew that socialized healthcare was just that - a new tax so that everyone pays more and the indigent pay nothing.  But, for some reason, a lot of people didn't know that.  Obama has thrown around a lot of lies, from "Fast and Furious" to the NSA spying scandal.  But, this lie, it just hits too close to home.  I am not sure that Americans are going to lie down and take this one.

Another person I met on my travels told me an interesting perspective on abortion.

The left would have us believe that murdering 55 million unborn, unwanted children is getting rid of people who would only be a drain on society.

Her message - Beethoven was unwanted, the 10th child, unwanted, born into poverty.

What if he had been aborted?

She went on, if all 55 million of those children, each one formed in its mother's womb by God, was allowed to live, think of the economic boom.  They all would have needed diapers, strollers.  And, they could now be productive members of our society.

Think about that the next time someone preaches to you the religion of "pro-choice" they aren't pro-choice, they are pro-abortion.  Don't be fooled.

Today I met a woman who lives in a rural area.  It is the epicenter of Americana and religious freedom. Her daughter's class was required to write, in Arabic, "there is no god other than Allah."  She was off her nut, she was so livid.  Did the school care?  Did they retract the lesson?  Did they make amends?

No way, her daughter flunked that lesson.

Each person told me these things willingly.  The conversation has begun, there isn't any fear of reprisal.  No matter what side of the aisle you are on, Americans are waking up and seeing that their way of life is being taken from them.  Their freedom of religion, their freedom of choice, their freedom to have the healthcare that they want, it is all being taken away.

And, as they talk about it, the fear diminishes.  The anger grows.  This sleeping giant, the American people, who love freedom, are going to stand up and fight.

I can't wait!