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Monday, November 4, 2013


A reader has asked me to blog about a topic.

The reader asked a liberal friend how he can continue to defend Obama despite the fact that Obama feigns ignorance on every conceivable thing that has happened during his entire tenure as president.

The liberal said, "Well, he can't be expected to know everything that goes on in the whole government!"

When the reader was telling me this, I shouted, "They sure expected Bush to know absolutely everything that went on in the government!"

The reader, who was previously in an executive position with lots of people to manage, went on.  She explained that she didn't know everything that went on with every single person.  But, if a manager knew there was a problem and didn't tell her (the reader) about the problem, the manager would have been in big trouble!

Thank you, reader!

So, that brings me back to Obama and his leadership style.  So far, his "total ignorance" defense has been working for him.

I heard someone (it might have been the very effective manager, Herman Cain) say that Obama has his management set up all wrong.  An executive can effectively manage 4 or so managers who report directly to him.  If you have many more than that, you just can't work with all of the managers effectively. Then, when problems arise, you can't keep track of them all.

He went on to say that control freak Obama has 65 high level managers report directly to him.


I remember the media saying that George W Bush surrounded himself with the best and the brightest.  (I think it was actually supposed to be an insult to his intelligence because they thought he was stupid.). But, of course, he wasn't stupid.  He was the farthest thing from it.  He knew he couldn't possibly manage everything that went on in the entire federal government.  So, he appointed capable people to key positions.  He had some practice with managing Texas, if you remember.

A lot about Obama's management style came out during the 2012 election.  He played more golf in his first year in office than his predecessor played in 8 years.  Security briefings?  He doesn't go to them.  He doesn't do a lot of stuff that a president is supposed to do.

He spends a lot of time with movie stars and in Las Vegas.

Plus, Obama hasn't surrounded himself with the best and brightest.  He has surrounded himself with bumbling idiots.

Attorney General, Eric Holder, remains, to this day, in contempt of congress.  He has whole-heartedly worked to: make it illegal for voters to show ID (showing IDs to vote is supported by over 90% of people).  And, he keeps himself busy each day with suing the states for things like, not allowing in and paying benefits to illegal aliens.

Lois Lerner gleefully tortured Obama's political opponents to sideline them just in time for the election.

Chuck Hagel didn't step foot near a military cemetery until he was forced to, to save face.

And, now, Kathleen Sebelius is so incompetent that she can't even get a website up and running.

No, I was wrong, bumbling, law-breaking idiots.

So, he doesn't really do a lot of stuff that is required by the office, like show up.  He has an inordinate amount of managers who report to him.  All of the managers seem to be completely incompetent.  He doesn't require anything more out of them, like competence.

Is it any wonder that Obama doesn't have any idea what is going on in his own administration?

Or does he?

Let's see who continues to defend him.