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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel

So, I am watching all of these democrats leaping away from Obama likes rats taking a swan dive off the Titanic and I am perplexed.

I knew Obama was lying all that time, you knew he was lying, he knew he was lying.  We have been over that, a lot.

But, did the democrats not know that?  Maybe when you major in women's studies, there isn't a big focus on microeconomics.  Even Diane Feinstein, the queen of American liberalism, is co-sponsoring a bill to let people keep their insurance plans!

And, she isn't even up for re-election.  Almost every democratic senator who is up for re-election is quivering and begging Obama to do something about all of their constituents getting kicked off get health insurance.

And, wow, have you heard the guy who wrote Obamacare?  Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel?  Yikes!  He just yells and interrupts and if the interviewer tries to talk, he says, "Will you stop yelling at me?  Will you stop interrupting me and let me talk?"


It used to be that people like that were described at living in an "ivory tower."  Have you ever heard of that?  People in academia can sit around, smoke you-know-what and float all sorts of awesome ideas around that can save the world.  I have never understood why they can't come up with something better than socialism.  But, there it is.  All of us who have been successful in business would just chuckle and go, "yeah, that's a great idea.  Let's give that a try."

But, now that there is an America-hating hippie in the White House, this pinhead, liberal rhetoric has  been moved from that tower to the forefront of our political landscape.

And, people are actually buying it!

"Well, he is professor Pinhead from ICU, we should listen to him." Ahem.

This doctor guy knew that the individual insurance market would go away under Obamacare.  He knew it.  He wanted it.

BECAUSE HE WANTS SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE.  Government controlled healthcare is the linchpin in a socialist society.  Without government takeover of healthcare, you can't have a socialist society.

That is why Obama holds the line on this one without flinching.  Even though now, he is the only one  standing there.  Emanuel will go back to his tower, pretty soon Sebelius will be "spending more time with her family."

And, who will be left standing there with him?  I don't know.