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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Local taxes and so much more

I told you I would think of something else.

I considered calling this "Local Taxes - the Final Chapter."  But, there will never be an end to the tax burden on my city.

Did I mention that all five tax levies passed?  My property taxes are going to go up at least 30%, if not 50%.  That is an unbearable tax burden.

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I don't go to council meetings, I guess that I should.   But, according to a friend, our mayor looks with  disgust on citizens as they beg him to stop raising taxes, sewer rates, water rates, etc.

I just can't stomach the thought of seeing that.  He is an obese man and I just picture him up on a Dias looking down with disdain on lowly citizens.  I guess the picture is real enough in my mind, I don't need to see it.

But, that is the liberal, bizarro world way of looking at things.

Here is the American, freedom, founding fathers way that it should be: I am sitting on the Dias!  The people that I hired and I pay to take care of government matters should be coming to me on bended knee.

Go on, imagine yourself up there, go on.

Or, even if I am not sitting on my little throne, at least we are standing together, working together as equals.  Only liberals see themselves as rulers over the people.  They don't see themselves as they are, hired by the people and for the people.

Kathleen Sebelius says that she doesn't work for us.  Democrats (every single one) voted to exempt him or herself from Obamacare.  Where does this idea come from?  That the people are pawns, workers who must pay endlessly into the government machine?

And, don't kid yourself.  Even though Obamacare is a complete flop, Obama is continuing with his war on the American way of life.

While you were trying to get on, he:

-enacted sweeping climate change legislation that will harm the energy industry
-is trying to block sanctions for Iran
-and he is pushing for late-term abortions.

Maybe he should get out of the office more, play more golf.

Now, reports are coming out that people might not spend as much this holiday season.  Well, duh.  What did we think would happen?  We strangle people with insurance premiums that are quadruple what they used to pay and, gee, they can't buy Christmas presents.  Or Chanukah presents, meshugeneh.

I met a woman who is starting a business.  Her main concern is buying health insurance.  Can you believe that?  Her main concern should be what she is making!  She should be concerned with making a product, providing a service, her business plan, profit.  Health insurance should be an after
thought, a small line item on the budget.  It shouldn't be the #1 concern when starting a business or an obstacle.

I saw a poll that if the election were today, Romney would have won.


Now that the truth is out there, people are starting to wake up.  I just hope it is not too late.  We absolutely have to fill the House and Senate with Republicans.

From the local government to the federal government, we have to elect conservatives.  Or, there will be much more and we won't like it.