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Sunday, November 10, 2013

War on Christmas

This may surprise you - I love Christmas.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year.  I think that is it never too early to sing Christmas carols and you can never sing them too loud.

But, for every 99 Americans who feel the exact same way that I do, there is one atheist lurking out there.  He or she will use every attorney in the ACLU arsenal to take away your first amendment right to freedom OF religion.

It isn't freedom FROM religion.  The first amendment guarantees the right to practice your religion, in the way that you choose, freely.

One of the big things in the war on Christmas is the refusal to even say the word, "Christmas."
Holiday cards
Holiday carols
Holiday tree
I am even looking at a calendar, right now, published by our local zoo.  It says that the zoo is closed on January 1 for New Year's Dat.  It says that the zoo is closed on December 25 for "the holidays."

This is sick.

Are we going to start calling the 4th of July, "fireworks day?"  Are we going to start calling Labor Day, "a relaxing day in the end of summer."  Do we call a Menorah a "festive lighting display?"

No, no and no.

We send out Christmas cards once a year, for Christmas.
We make and eat Christmas cookies.  When they are in the shapes of stars, bells, and Santas, they are Christmas cookies.
Once a year we sing Christmas carols, to celebrate Christmas.
Once a year, we hack down a pine tree and put it in the living room, it is called a Christmas tree.

And, I haven't even started on "winter break" at school, winter concerts, winter everything.  Ugh.

But, we still call Ramadan, Ramadan, we still call Chanukah, Chanukah.  Why can't we just call Christmas, Christmas?!?!?

I am not done, I will finish this later.