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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The invention of lying

Do you remember the first lie?  It happened in the garden of Eden.  The snake lied to Eve.  He told her that it was ok to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, even though God told her not to.  But, he had to do a lot of things to sell the lie.  See, there is a lot involved in lying.

When Obama's lips start to move, I know that he is lying.  But, I have known it for a very long time because of the way that he says certain things.  Everyone should know this by now.  It is not new, it is not a creative way to spin a yarn.  It is lying, plain and simple and here are the elements so that you can show them to others in the future:

-the first thing that happens is the liar adds something to the truth that is being told by the truth teller. When Republicans said that people would lose their health plans, Democrats started screaming into every possible amplification system, "Republicans don't want poor people to get health insurance!"  See?  That is the first part, they distort the truth.

I digress here for a moment.  I just want to say, again, that people who don't have insurance are covered by their states.  If they go to the emergency room, the bill gets paid, by the state.  If we had taken the billion dollars that was wasted on Obamacare (so far) and used it to pay for the bills for those who don't have insurance, it would have been a much better investment.  Don't you think?

-the next step in the lying process is to mock the truth teller.  "Ha, ha, ha, he is so dumb!"  Republicans have said and keep saying that Obamacare isn't going to work.  It can't possibly work because you can't add 15 million more people into the system without costs going up.  Well, we couldn't possibly have people hearing that little tidbit of truth!  So, mock Republicans.

-after that, the lying proceeds to denying, "what he said couldn't possibly be true."  At this point, we are so far into the lying, that this step is just easy.  We have already distorted the truth, mocked the truth teller, denying the truth is just easy by now.

-the final step and my all time favorite in the liberal arsenal is:  character assassination.  "Well, he is just an idiot and evil and terrible, etc, etc, etc,.  Here is the part that we have been seeing for quite a while.  We have been at the final stage of the terrible Obamacare lie for sometime.  So, the last, most ferocious, and important step is to completely assault the character of the truth teller.

Sad, isn't it?  That is exactly what democrats have been doing this entire time.  Their play book reads from the lying manual.

Can you see it?  Can you see how this is classic lying?

You would see it if a child were doing it.

It's funny, I thought for sure that the lie, "we are going to only raise taxes on the rich" would get Obama in trouble.  Before he was even sworn in the second time, payroll taxes went up for everyone by 2%.  He got away with it.

I thought for sure that the lie about Benghazi might give him some problems.  Nope, the. media really covered that one up for him.

When it was revealed that Obama has been torturing his political opponents using the IRS, I thought for sure that would trip him up.  No way, he is just going along on his merry way.

But, when we all found out that the NSA is spying on all of us - surely, there would be national outrage!  No, he just keeps be-bopping along fundamentally changing America.

Finally, every lie that has been told for 5 years, is being found out.  Sick Americans, hard working Americans, Americans who voted for him - are losing their insurance.

Can he get away with this one?  The lying play book is out, it is being used in full force.  Will it work this time?