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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Sorry, I can't remember how many previous posts I have called "Arrogance."

Bill Clinton was a charismatic guy.  Whether you were a Republican or a Democrat, he didn't make you feel like you were the only person in the room.  He made you feel like you were the only person in the world.  A southern gentleman and (ahem) a hit with the ladies, he was a likable guy, I understand.

Al Gore came along and he, apparantly, isn't like that.  He is really arrogant, people didn't like him at all, especially when you compared him to the extremely likable Clinton.

I understand (from some personal experience, I will never tell) that Obama is also very arrogant.  I heard a prominent politician say that he played a round of golf with the president.  For 18 holes, Obama didn't say one word to him.  They finished the round and Obama walked off the course.

That is just the way that he is.  The office of the president is beneath him, working with colleagues is actually laughable.

So, while Obamacare implodes, Obama needs some help from his friends, right?  Every single Democrat fell in the party line and not only helped Obama get elected, twice, they parroted every single lie that he ever told.

But, arrogant Obama hasn't made any friends.  He hasn't returned favors to his colleagues.  He is totally arrogant.  He didn't think that he needed anyone.  Now, he really needs friends and only the most liberal politicians will stick by him now.  The rest are moderate, I guess.

See you blog about something long enough and will happen!

Those moderate Democrats are:
1. Reasonable or
2. They don't actually want to destroy the country and make it socialist like Obama does, they really do want to help people and just don't understand that liberal policies never work or
3. They want to get re-elected.

There used to be a logical debate.  The southern gentleman wanted larger government to help people in the impoverished south.  The northern businessman wanted smaller government so that business could thrive.

It was a debate, each side had good points.  Each side wanted America to prosper and to succeed.  Somewhere along the line, the debate has changed.  It is no longer this logical debate.  It is the hate America crowd versus the love America crowd.

It is freedom versus the government state.  It is personal responsibility versus the government can take care of you.

And, if you don't agree with the liberal, progressive view, you really don't deserve to live.  You are stupid, a terrorist, etc, etc, etc.

That is where the lying comes in.  Liberals say that all politicians lie.  That is a cop out.  Yes, every politician is a human, and, therefore is imperfect and can do things wrong.  They can even do stupid things.  But, lying about policies in order to enact legislation is distinctly a liberal thing.  Remember, they think it is worth it to lie to constituents because constituents are stupid and the government knows better.

Democrats all over the country are now admitting that Obamacare was a lie.  It was arrogance that made them tell the Obamacare lie, it was arrogance that made them think they wouldn't get caught.

It is arrogance that may be their undoing.