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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What now?


I am not describing our enemies.  They, by the way, are watching us bumble ourselves into oblivion.  They are also laughing at us and salivating over our demise.

I am using the terms that have been used, on the national stage, by Democrats, for five years, to describe Republicans.  Republicans are, in fact, people who want:

Limited government
Lower taxes
A free market
States' rights
Personal responsibility

Look at the first list again.  We have been called those things and worse for five years.  Now, look at the second list.  This is what we actually want.

And, you know what?  Every single thing that Republicans said would happen if Obamacare went through, has happened, or is happening.

Why?  Are Republicans clairvoyant?  Can we see the future?  No.  This has been tried all over the world and it has failed every time.

The government does a terrible job of running stuff.  Whenever the government says that it wants to take over a perfectly good part of your life and "make it better" RUN.

It has been really interesting to see all of the talking points out there now by the democrats.  Several are waking up, I admit it.  They don't want to lose their jobs.

But, the snarky, arrogant line that is being spun out there by many, including the president, is downright disturbing.  They are now saying that the over 4 million people who had health insurance and are losing the insurance are:

1. A small number of people, they are actually belittling and blowing off over 4 million people who have lost their health insurance!  They just don't care!  How can the party of tolerance, the party of "we want to help the little guy" say that they don't care about 4 million people?!?!?  Some of these people are sick and are losing their insurance.  What happened to "you can't lose your insurance if you have a pre-existing condition?  What happened to that?

2.  Well, they had crappy plans anyway.  See, the government knows that you are stupid.  The president truly believes that you are stupid and he wants you to know that he is here to take care of you.  Your plan, that you liked and wanted to keep and he promised that you could was crappy!  So.....

3.  If you just go to, there will be a much better plan out there for you!  If those evil Republicans would just stop trying to stop us (hee hee) you could go on our website, shop around ad find a much better plan, but...

4.  The plans cost 2 to 4 times more than you were currently paying and you can't afford them.  Well, you can't afford them AND food.  No problem...

5.  We are going to give you subsidies to help pay for those plans that are soooo much better.  All of our plans have maternity care even though you are a young, healthy male.  All of our plans have pediatric care, even if you are 60 years old and don't have any children living with you.

See?  We are all paying more.  For the greater good.  We are going to increase the cost of EVERYONE'S PLANS so that the cost of maternity, cancer, pediatrics is spread around so that everybody pays for it.  See?  Isn't that great?


If the truth about Obamacare was told, even once, it wouldn't have passed.  Every time that Republicans called it exactly what is was, socialized healthcare, they were called all of those terrible names.

Guess what?  Our free society doesn't want it.  They see what it is now and they don't want it.  But, what can we do?  Our arrogant president, who knew all along EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING is going ahead with this plan and there is nothing you or I (or anyone who is reasonable) can do about it.