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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You can't make a deal with the devil

But, God love 'em, liberals are gonna try.

Actually, liberals don't believe in God.  They don't believe in the devil either.

Which is why they cling desperately to their ideology.  There is Kate Winslet again, hanging on to that headboard with Leo DiCaprio's frozen, dead hand on there.

If there is no God and there is no devil, good and evil originate inside each of us.  We are all good deep down, we just need to talk more and understand each other better.  If we lay down our weapons and let our enemies know that we mean them no harm, they will tap into their internal goodness and there will be world peace!


Wait a minute, that doesn't work, does it?  No, we have tried it.  Obama went on his apology world tour, letting all of our enemies know that he thinks Americans and their ideals are chumps.  Along the way, he let our friends know that he thinks they are chumps, too.  He sent back a bust of Churchill that was in the White House.


But, our enemies didn't lay down their weapons, did they?  No, it emboldened them.  And, they have seen our weakness.  They have renewed their efforts to kill us.

See, good and evil do exist.  Despite the liberal ideology. God and the devil do exist.

My grandmother used to say, "You can't trade smells with a skunk.  The skunk likes it and you start to stink."

Whether it is Syria, North Korea or Syria, you can't make a deal with the devil.