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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hard work

I am in sales, not sure if you remember.

I was out selling stuff last night and some successful, hard-working business people asked me about how my business is going.

I wanted to answer completely here.  Business is OK, despite all of Obama's job-killing, regulation-strangling, tax-destroying policies.

The biggest obstacle to a successful business?  Finding people who want to WORK HARD.

See, in our society we have mocked success, we have belittled hard work as something for only chumps.  Meanwhile, we have trained an entire generation that they exist and someone owes them something.

We have an entire generation of people who got a trophy just for showing up to the soccer game. (And a snack, ugh!  Kids can't run around for an hour without eating, no wonder there is a problem!)

I am out looking for someone who wants to work hard with me to either: earn an income or get free products.  Each year, it gets harder and harder to find people who want to do either.

This is sales, you earn based on how much you work.  They don't want to do the work.

You can get lots of free stuff, based on how hard you work.  Not many people want to work their butts off, even to get free stuff!  (You did, though, you know who you are!)

So, that, in a nutshell is the story of my business (keep clicking on those ads.)

Also, a reader shared with me the amount of deductions being taken out of his paycheck.  The reader earns enough for a normal, American lifestyle.  The reader is single and has no children.

The reader is having 30% of his check taken by the government for federal, state, local and social security taxes.  The reader would probably make more by staying home and collecting unemployment.

Just to recap, here is the playbook: demonize success, punish the workers, make government assistance appear palatable.

This is what we get - the declining, decaying, bankrupt (both morally and monetarily) societies of western Europe.