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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Harvard Econ

I am really worried about the economics department at Harvard.  A Harvard economics professor advised Obama on his signature legislation, Obamacare.

How can anyone who knows anything about economics sign off on a government run healthcare plan?

Ok, here is what he said - if the healthcare marketplace was open and running, people will see lower priced health plans.

Hmmm, the people who have been able to get on the website found that plans cost double, triple and quadruple what they had before.  And, the deductibles were so high that they couldn't possibly use the insurance if they needed to.

He said that people won't be forced to buy insurance on the exchanges.  People will RUN to the exchanges because they are going to get much better healthcare from Obamacare than they had before.

Um, the people who have visited the healthcare marketplace aren't finding that to be true at all.

He said that the cost of plans on the insurance marketplace reflect a 16% lower cost than similar plans cost on the open market two years ago.

Okaaaaay.  But, that doesn't appear to be true based on any evidence from the real world.

What are they teaching at the Harvard economics department?

Is anyone buying this?