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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another day in the hood

There are a lot of dogs in the hood.  That's fine, I have my redneck dog.  She loves:

-long walks,
-holding paws,
-playing with other dogs and
-she is emotionally available.

A lot of liberals elevate their dogs to human status.  Other than, "I wuv my puppy, I wuv my puppy!!!!"  We don't do that.

Please see previous post (Wild Animals 1 and 2).

For example, dogs like to be in enclosed spaces.  They are den animals.  When they go into a "crate" they feel safe and secure.  Some animal activist-type people say, "Oh!  Don't put your dog in a cage, that's cruel!"  But, it isn't.  It would be cruel to put a person in an itty-bitty cage.  It isn't cruel to a dog.  Dogs and humans are different that way and in many other ways.

One thing that I have noticed in the hood is that as people approach me with their dogs, they make their dogs sit down.  So, I have to walk by them and control my dog.  I have taught my dog (thank goodness) not to pull and not to bark, so I can get by relatively easily.

But, what if I had my dog sit down and waited for them to pass?  Would we just sit there looking at each other all day?  Why does their dog sit while I pass?  It is just like every other liberal philosophy out there, it sounds good, but it doesn't work out in real life.

So, this morning, I passed a man, he and his dog were on the other side of the street.  Being the good redneck that I am, I yelled hello.  I had to do it 5 times before he would answer.  Should have known.

As I was returning home, he was approaching me on the same side of the street.  When we were about half a block away from each other, he had his dog sit down.  He and his dog were now blocking my path.

I said, "Hi!"  (We have already had problems with this, see above.)

No answer.

I said, "I need to go right by where you are standing and turn that direction."

He said, "The sidewalk is big enough for 2 people."

I again, said, "Well, I need to go that way, right where you are standing."

He stormed off, across the street muttering under his breath.

I said, "What?"

He said, "You learn to share in kindergarten, it's not that hard!"  And then kept mumbling and shooting me the double major stink eye.

This happens completely naturally now.  I immediately thought of every liberal senator, representative, appointee and commentator.

A Republican says, "Five million people have just lost their health insurance."

Liberal, "You are racist!"

R: "But, what about all of those people?  Don't you care about them?  What are they going to do?"

L: "Racist!"

There is that disconnect (see previous posts, Disconnect 1 and 2).  What they are saying doesn't really have anything to do with the situation or what is going on.

They completely reject context.

Yes, the street is big enough for 2 people to pass, that is true.  But, it doesn't have anything to do with you, me or the added fact that we each have a large (and very cute!) dog.

Yes, you do learn to share in kindergarten (usually) but that doesn't have anything to do with the fact that what I earn is mine and what someone else earns is theirs.

Neither situation has anything to do with the other.

When are liberals going to understand that?