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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A new policy at McDonald's

Ok, there isn't really a new policy at McDonald's.  But, IMAGINE if there were...

Let's say that McDonald's, a for-profit corporation, decided what everyone should eat.  Imagine if McDonald's said, "Everyone who comes here to eat will get a double quarter pounder with cheese, large fries and a large Coke."

You like McChicken.  That sandwich costs $1.  The quarter pounder thing costs $5.

So, the president of McDonald's says, "If you like your sandwich, you can keep your sandwich.  Period."

Whew, so you go to McDonald's and ask for the McChicken.  At McDonald's, the person tells you, "Yeah, we don't make those anymore.  You can have the double quarter pounder with cheese, large fries and large Coke!"

You say, "Well, I only have a dollar.  I am one small redneck.  I don't need all that extra food and today isn't my day to eat carbs.  And, anyway, isn't that meal $5?"

"No problem," says the helpful McDonald's employee, "We will only charge you $3."

"But, I only have a dollar!  I don't have $3!"  You say and realize that you are saying it to no one because you are now in a line.  The line has lots of people in it.  But, it doesn't matter anyway, McDonald's doesn't even have a cash register, they couldn't take your money if they wanted to.

Then, it turns out that McDonald's isn't really taking orders anyway.  Well, they take them, but the orders don't go anywhere because there is no kitchen.  So, even if you gave the government your insurance information, er, I mean gave McDonald's your order, you wouldn't actually get anything.

Of course this example is completely ludicrous.  Maybe I dreamed it.  But, it is a good example of how dumb it is to take away choices, limit the free market and then somehow actually believe that it is going to help people and make things better in the long run.

That is exactly what Obama has done.  Each time that he comes out and says that something is the exact opposite of how is really is, he doesn't appear believable, to anyone.  He appears delusional.  And, he appears to not care at all about the people who are losing their insurance or the people who are going to die because they can no longer get life saving treatments.

You may have figured out how I feel about Christmas.  If you haven't yet, you might pick up on a vibe in the next 22 days or so.  Christmas is about Christ.

But, this time of year is also a very important time for our economy.  Retailers make most of their money this time of year.  Retailers provide valuable goods and services that make our lives better.  Retailers also employ people.  They provide real jobs that help real people do all sorts of cool things, like eat.

I want retailers to succeed.  They make money, we get new stuff, people get jobs and the government even gets some taxes out of it.  Sheesh, that economics test really screwed me up this weekend.

If we continue to drive businesses out of business, limit the free market with taxes, regulations and government restrictions, we will have fewer choices.  Fewer choices makes the cost of everything go up.  As the cost of things goes up, the middle class can't survive because people in the middle class can't afford stuff.  Then the middle class goes away.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

This is called socialism and it is exactly where we are headed.

Enjoy that double quarter pounder with cheese!  It may be your last one.